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Digital Mindset at Banks and Financial Service Providers

The digital mindset is the decisive success factor for banks and financial service providers.

Digital transformation does not stop at any industry and also affects the banking and financial services sector. It is not just about changing the technology used and digitizing processes, but also about changing business models and revenue channels.

The foundation for these changes is a digital mindset.


of the core competencies of existing jobs will change by 2025.

(WEF, 2020)


of employees believe that their qualifications are outdated.

(Degreed, 2021)

Due to an unprecedented development speed of technologies and thus rapid changes in the entire banking industry, it is no longer sufficient to focus on the technical skills, the so-called hard skills, when developing employees. Developing a foundation, i.e., a digital mindset, is the basic prerequisite for dealing with this rapid change.

We support banks in the analysis and development of a digital mindset with the platform Mindset Navigator

Deutsche Bundesbank

How Sparkasse Nuremberg analyzes and develops a digital mindset with us

Internal offerings by the savings bank and its own continuing education program for employees have already created a broad spectrum of qualifications.


However, two critical success factors have not yet been in the foreground:


1) Individuality, personal knowledge needs and tailored offerings.


2) Digital mindset - the inner conviction to want and live progress.



So how can we succeed in offering an employee development program that makes individualized, tailored offers with a focus on a digital mindset?

Blog posts and articles on mindset development in banks

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Mindset Coffee Podcast with banks and financial service providers

"Have a Mindset Coffee with..." -

The podcast for all those who don't just talk about transformation, but actually shape change. Julian Knorr talks to exciting guests about how they experience change and what role the mindset plays in it. And of course, the topic of coffee will not be neglected - because we all know: The best conversations take place over a good cup of coffee!

The following episodes give an insight into how mindset development takes place in different banks.

OST Podcastcover.png

Want to learn more about the evolution of thinking in the world of banking and finance?

Let's talk.

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