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Digital Competence Indicator study

Digitales Mindset:
Scientific findings on 6 dimensions critical to success

The Digital Competence Indicator (DCI) is a modern diagnostic tool that revolves around digital mindset.It is not about digital skills, such as programming languages or software knowledge, but rather about the expression of personality in 6 success-critical mindset dimensions.In the study on the DCI, we have summarized the most important scientific findings around the 6 success-critical mindset dimensions.

What you will learn in the study

Quality criteria

Scientific quality criteria (objectivity, reliability, distribution properties of the scales, structural validity) of the Digital Competence Indicator

The top 3 findings of the study

The DCI measures six bipolar personality dimensions. Key quality criteria, such as objectivity, reliability, and various aspects of validity, are all given to a high degree and clearly document the high quality of the DCI procedure.
High and significant diagnostic added value of the DCI. Especially for criteria closely related to digital transformation and organizational transformation (between 30% and 49% improvement in diagnostic assessment compared to conventional methods).
Meaningful use of the DCI in different business-related scenarios:
  • Analysis tool for personnel development measures (individual learning offers)
  • Individual potential analysis
  • Support of personnel selection procedures

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