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Success Story Sparkasse

Digital transformation and digital mindset at Sparkasse


  • Company: Sparkasse Nuernberg

  • Industry: Bankwesen

  • Number of employees: 1.600

  • Use of MNP since: 2020

  • Target group: Employees and managers

The following areas in the Employee Lifecycle are covered by the Success Story:


Mindset Analysis

Mindset Development

Achievements of the project

  • Tailored development of the digital mindset for all employees and managers.

  • Understanding where the organization stands in terms of digital transformation

  • Customized empowerment of employees for the future

  • Positive change in learning culture towards more openness and knowledge sharing

Success story on video

The transformation at Sparkasse Nuremberg is moving forward. Digital understanding and one's own "intrinsic learning engine" are top priorities for future company/team/employee success.

Starting point



How can employees be moved in the transformation towards digital mindset, self-organized learning and knowledge growth?

The savings bank's internal surveys, its own education program for employees, and other external collaborations have already created a wide range of qualifications.


But this did not yet focus on two critical success factors:

1) Individuality, personal knowledge needs and customized offers.

2) Digital Mindset - the inner conviction to want & live progress.

So how can we offer a development program for employees that provides individualized, customized offers with a focus on the digital mindset?


Individualized development program for employees with a focus on the digital mindset, which delivers individualized, tailored offerings. This supports rapid, sustainable and cost-efficient transformation and makes employees and the organization fit for the future.


With MIA, we have developed a learning experience platform that generates individualized mindset learning paths for users based on a scientifically valid diagnosis (Digital Competence Indicator). The learning paths with a mixture of videos, podcasts, texts and online reflection sessions accompany users for 1 year each and thus lead to a sustainable development of the digital mindset.

For Sparkasse Nuremberg, MIA was not only adapted in terms of look and feel, but also in terms of content. For example, a special additional workspace was developed for the target group of managers with learning content around the Sparkasse management guidelines.

In addition, specific learning content for the savings bank was developed and produced (e.g. videos on self-learning skills).

After a successful pilot phase with executives using a version of MIA adapted for the Sparkasse, a larger rollout will be undertaken.


With MIA and the adaptation of the platform for Sparkasse Nuremberg, a unique, customized learning program was created that enables the sustainable development of the digital mindset of employees. By individualizing the learning content with scientific diagnostics, MIA is not just any learning platform, but an individual learning companion. The development of the digital mindset of employees is the foundation for a successful long-term transformation.

Sparkasse MIA.png

Insight into the result

What Sparkasse employees say

On diagnostics with the DCI: How strongly do you identify with the test result and the type assignment?

"The digital bridge builder reflects me 1:1 and I therefore identify very well with the result."


Sales executive


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