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Success Stories Lufthansa

Digital Transformation and Digital Mindset at Lufthansa


  • Company: Lufthansa

  • Industry: Luftfahrt

  • Number of employees: 109.000

  • Use of MNP since: 2019

  • Target group: Employees and managers worldwide

The follwoing areas in the Employee Lifecycle are covered by the Success Story:


Mindset Analysis

Mindset Development

Achievements of the project

  • Understanding where the organization stands in relation to digital transformation

  • Tailor made employee empowerment for the future

  • Dramatically increase learner engagement in the very first year

  • Analyze the evolution of the digital mindset over time (over multiple years)

  • Honored at the Human Resources Award

Lufthansa is in the midst of a workforce transformation and has defined relevant future competencies for its employees

Starting point
Lufthansa Logo.png


How do we make the contents of the new future competencies comprehensible and enable Lufthansa employees to fill them with life?

Where do Lufthansa employees stand today with regard to their future competencies?

How do employees succeed in developing themselves in the competence fields in a targeted manner?


Development of a valid tool with which Lufthansa employees can have their mindset analyzed with regard to future capabilities.

Based on the analyze, employees are to start individual learning paths tailored to the mindset expression.


As the core of the application to be developed, we used our tool, the Digital Competence Indicator (DCI), and developed Lufthansa's future competencies on this basis using classical test theory. Based on the developed behavioral anchors, we formed items and scientifically examined and validated them in a study. The result is a user-friendly check that can analyze the mindset of employees very quickly. With regard to the different characteristics of future competencies, learning competencies were developed that are available to employees individually in the developed application.

For the check, we developed a Lufthansa-specific application that has a Lufthansa look-and-feel, works via single sign-on (SSO), and thus offers users a seamless user and learning experience.


Lufthansa employees can start the Futurefit Check via their desired digital device. They no longer need to enter any access data for this, as an automatic login takes place via single sign-on. After a short introduction, employees go through the Futurefit Check (approx. 12 minutes processing time) and finally arrive at their personal Futurefit dashboard. Here you can see the analysis of their mindset in relation to Lufthansa's future competencies.

In addition to detailed feedback on the personal development of individual competencies, they can start directly on individual learning paths with customized learning offers.

With the Futurefit Check, employees learn about future competencies, understand how their mindset relates to them, and how they can develop in a targeted manner.


Together with Lufthansa, we were awarded the Human Resources Award #HRmacht2019 in the Talent Management category for the "futurefit check" project in the run-up to Zukunft Personal in Cologne.

Personalwirtschaftspreis ONESTOPTRANSFORMATION

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