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Digital Mindset in the Pharmaceutical Industry

For the pharmaceutical industry, the digital mindset is the decisive success factor for a successful transformation.

One industry that is currently undergoing enormous change but is underrepresented in the public discussion about digital transformation is the pharmaceutical industry. Not only in production are more and more processes being digitized, made more flexible and changed, but a major transformation is also taking place in business areas such as sales.

The foundation for these changes is a digital mindset.


of the core competencies of existing jobs will change by 2025.

(WEF, 2020)


a higher proportion of remote interactions between health care professionals and physicians compared with the pre-coronavirus era.

(Ashfield, 2021)

For many years, it was common practice in the pharmaceutical industry to conduct sales and customer care on-site at the doctor's office. In recent years, a delicate little plant called omnichannel sales has slowly emerged, expanding analog sales with digital offerings and rounding it out with digital content. Due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, classic analog sales were no longer possible from one day to the next, and the tender little plant called omnichannel had to grow into a larger plant in a short time, because sooner than expected, all hopes were suddenly placed on this sales channel.

This new technical infrastructure must be used by employees in a targeted and customer-oriented manner. It is not just a matter of simply operating the systems, but rather of making customer-oriented use of the entire bouquet of digital possibilities. In addition to communication via digital media, this also includes the ability to interpret data and use these insights.

To achieve this use, employees must not only be promoted in so-called digital literacy (in digital tools and user knowledge), but the focus of the promotion must be on the digital mindset.

We support pharmaceutical companies in analyzing and developing a digital mindset.

Partnership with Ashfield for optimal support of the pharmaceutical industry


Our partnership with Ashfield can successfully accelerate digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry

With this cooperation, the development of the digital mindset in the pharmaceutical industry can be advanced, thus accelerating and successfully shaping the digital transformation. Ashfield uses the Digital Competence Indicator (DCI) for the scientifically valid analysis of the digital mindset in the selection and development of sales employees in the pharmaceutical industry.


Insights into the analysis and development of the digital mindset in the pharmaceutical industry

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