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Mindset Coffee Podcast

The podcast for digital mindset and transformation in companies. 

Mindset Coffee Podcast

"Out for a Mindset Coffee with..." -
The podcast for all those who don't just talk about transformation, but actually shape the change. Julian talks to exciting guests from medium-sized businesses about how they experience change and what role mindset plays in it. And of course, the topic of coffee is not neglected - because we all know: The best conversations are had over a good cup of coffee!

Mindset Coffee Podcast - Der Mindset Podcast von ONESTOPTRANSFORMATION

Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

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The Podcast Host

Julian Knorr 2022_komprimiert.jpg

Julian Knorr

  • Mindset Coffee Podcast - Julian Knorr

Coffee drinker.

Prefearbly from the portafilter.

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