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Mindset Workshops

With our 1-day Mindset Workshops on modern working methods, future competencies as well as the dimensions of the digital mindset, we start the transformation together!

On request, all workshops can be held on your premises or in an external location. In addition, the formats can also be carried out remotely online in a modified form.

Mindset Essentials

Mindset development

The Mindset Essentials Workshop demystifies buzzwords such as "digital transformation", "VUCA world" or "new work", teaches the basics of the digital mindset and empowers employees and organizations with the right tools and methods to reflext on their own mindset, derive development measures and therefore successfully shape the futre. 

Design Thinking

Think like a customer

Our Design Thinking Workshop demystifies the Design Thinking method, clarifies the most important terms, imparts the methodological fundamentals for user-centered project development using Design Thinking, and provides participants with the central tools for applying Design Thinking in their work and project everyday life.  

Upon request, the Design Thinking Workshop can also be conducted based on a specific use case or a specific project idea in the form of a 2-day workshop. 

Agiles project management

Agility leads to success

The workshop "Agile Porject Management" specifically takes up the basics of agile working and the agile manifesto, convey the importance of new forms of project management as well as the most important tools for agile projects management and enables participants to design projects in an agile way. 

Do you want to experience agility in a completely different format? Then it's worth taking a look at the Mindset Kitchen


Designing innovations in a playful way

Take advantage of the opportunity to visualize complex Take advantage of the opportunity to visualize complex issues and develop innovative solutions with the creative and innovation method LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. With the help of our workshops, you can use the method to develop new business models, corporate strategies or team processes or to be trained as a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator.

Digital Transformation Professional

Fit for the digital world

The training to become a Digital Transformation Professional will prepare you for dealing with digital transformation - from trends to business models, structures and processes to competencies for the future. The training consists of a workshop series with a total of 4 workshops and 4 online group coaching sessions. 

What our Mindset Workshop participants say

Great event that shows how quickly everything changes and that we have to question ourselves again and again. Great, sympathetic moderation and a great format.



Would you like to start into the future and learn more about our workshops?

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