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Digital Transformation Professional

Digital Transformation Professional - Enthusiastic companies

The Digital Transformation Professional training makes you fit to deal with digital transformation!

From trends to business models, structures and processes to competencies for the future.
The training consists of a workshop series with a total of 4 workshops and 4 online group coachings.

In-house implementation

You would like to conduct the Digital Transformation Professional in-house in your company exclusively?

We also offer the training exclusively for your company - contact us!



Workshop 1 & Workshop 2

Introduction to the fundamentals and background of digital transformation and the impact of transformation on business models.


  • Definition of Digital Transformation

  • Megatrends & Drivers of Digital Transformation

  • Digital Business Models

  • Platform economy

  • Transformation of existing business models

Workshop 3 & Workshop 4

Impact of the digital transformation on structures & processes, competencies and the increasing importance of a digital mindset.


  • Agile Transformation & Agile Working Methods

  • Scrum& Kanban

  • Design Thinking

  • Digital basic qualifications

  • Non-digital key qualifications

  • Digital Mindset

Image by bruce mars

Online Gruppen Coachings

Individual coaching and interactive work on case studies and practical tasks.


  • Individual Coaching

  • Case Study

  • Practical task

What participants say about the training

Julia Hemmer - Digital Transformation Professional

Julia Hemmer

A journey through digitization to experience, share, apply, expand horizons and recommend to others - as always with exciting journeys, the time passed far too quickly!

Arina Zonner - Digital Transformation Professional

Arina Zonner

Maika, Julian and Saskia, the training was pure joy with you. Such an open exchange, where everyone could take something with them. We learned so much, the knowledge transfer was great!

Gina Diller - Digital Transformation Professional

Gina Diller

I have already recommended the seminar to others. Basically, everyone should attend a seminar in this form and/or with similar content. It is extremely stimulating and also shows how much potential each individual still has and brings things to the surface with which one deals too little in everyday life.


Aram Azimi

"Mindset first!" as a cornerstone for any transformation strategy, is something I will take with me as a key learning and will focus more on it again. Thank you very much for the valuable days and the exchange.

Eva Preu (2).jpg

Eva Preu

"With a varied mix of background knowledge and practical exercises, the seminar offers a successful overview of the fields of action of digitization.

The best thing is that the journey is not over after the seminar. If you like, you can stay in touch with the topic and people in the network."

Michael Storzum.jpg

Michael Storzum

"I had hoped to get tools at hand here to be able to better take the "people" along with this topic, which was completely fulfilled. It's nice that there's a training course on this topic that focuses on people rather than technology."

Digital Trends

+ Business Models

+ Processes

+ Mindset

Do you have any questions about the Digital Transformation Professional? We will be happy to help you!

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