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Mindset Navigator Platform
The software for future competencies

awarded with the German HR Award and the Bavarian Digital Award

Digital mindset


future competencies analysis and development

Only 5 minutes of daily learning time

Increase digital competence by 20% in just 3 months

Real individualization

Real individualization


of the required core competencies will change in the next 5 years!

(WEF, 2024)

No problem with the Mindset Navigator platform!

Because the Mindset Navigator platform is the learning platform with which you can develop the relevant skills for today and tomorrow in your company.

Individualized. Tailor-made. Adaptive.

Navigation device for future skills

Analyze and develop digital mindset. With the Mindset Navigator platform, your employees develop the future competencies and digital skills necessary for survival, your company increases employee retention and becomes even more attractive for new talent.
Our AI-based platform analyzes and develops digital mindset and future competencies individually for your long-term business success.

Step 1 - Analysis

Analysis of future skills with scientifically valid diagnostics.
4 focus areas: Mindset, digital competence, AI competence, leadership competence

Step 2 - Individual learning path through AI

Our AI creates an individualized and adaptive learning path that consists of micro-learnings (videos, texts, podcasts) and sustainably develops the relevant future skills with just 20 minutes of learning time.

Step 3 - Continuous adaptation

The individualized learning path is continuously adapted based on user behavior and learning success. A permanent personal learning coach, so to speak.

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3 key advantages

Cost efficiency

Through our AI, all employees receive tailored learning paths based on your own digital mindset. This eliminates the time-consuming and costly process of manually selecting learning content for individual employees.

Costs saved.
Time won.

Increased learning success

Compared to conventional digital learning systems, the Mindset Navigator Platform significantly increases learning success, because the individualization of the learning content leads to a high degree of accuracy, resulting in higher learning motivation and better transfer into practice.

Motivation increased.
Knowledge transfer secured.

Confidence through data

Decision-makers gain security for decisions in organizational development, human resource development and recruiting. Thanks to the scientifically valid diagnostics and the possibility of group analyses, decisions can be made on a reliable data basis. The additional benchmark option with other industries also provides clear orientation.

Safety increased.
Quick decision.

 awarded with


closes your skilled worker shortage !

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Users of our products and therefore mind-sets analyzed and developed.

Companies that use our products.

Industries available as a benchmark.

The product for the entire employee lifecycle

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Valid diagnostics for digital mindset on the status quo of employees

Scientifically valid tool for analyzing the digital mindset:

  • Just 10 minutes

  • Browser-based

  • Interactive dashboard + pdf report

  • Analysis in 6 mindset dimensions und 4 digital types

  • Development according to quality standards of DIN 33430

Mindset Success Stories

Lufthansa Case Study.jpg


How do we make the topics of the new future competencies comprehensible and enable Lufthansa employees to fill them with life?

Where do Lufthansa employees stand today in regards to the competencies of the future?


Mindset Navigator Platform Packages

Most booked

Simple implementation

Browser-based. No software installation needed.

German server.

ISO 27001


Workers council compliant.

Single Sign On (SSO) upon request

2 Factor Authentication

In the press

ONESTOPTRANSFORMATION mit digitales Mindset und Workforce Transformation bei Lufthansain im Capital Magazin
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Leading companies trust us


"With ONESTOPTRANSFORMATION, we developed and validated the Lufthansa futurefit check for self-assessment of our own competencies, which are needed for the further development of a digital mindset among our employees, in just 3 months. We were impressed by the dedicated and professional cooperation. The futurefit check has been very well received in the organization. Its outward appearance and the questions it asks make users interested in the changes brought about New Work. The check is an important building block in the transformation towards more persoanl responsibility for professional development and enjoyment of continuous learning for future requirements"


Gabriele Schlee

Gabriele Schlee

Director Workforce Transformation

Deutsche Lufthansa AG