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Mindset Masterclasses

Our masterclasses specifically tackle key success factors of transformation in 2-day events!

Each masterclass has a strong focus on network learning as well as state-of-the-art learning forms and content. To achieve this, we involve industry and topic experts as well as innovative start-ups in the course of each masterclass and work with them to develop tangible action measures for the immediate start of the implementation phase. 



The Innovation Masterclass uses the example of one's own company to convey how innovation can be promoted, how to apply modern creativity methods and which challenges are to be solved with the help of them. As a result of the Innovation Masterclass, concrete action measures are derived, initial prototypes are developed and the basis for subsequent implementation is laid. 

Transformation Leadership


Join us on the journey of the Transformation Leadership Masterclass and learn how you can master the challenge of transformation together with your leadership team using your company as an example. In four sections, we work out the implications of the transformation, form a common commitment to leadership in change, highlight challenges and concrete solutions, and define kickstart projects that are to be implemented afterwards.

Digital Mindset


The Digital Mindset Masterclass teaches organizations the importance of digital mindset, how to build recruiting, personnel and leadership development specifically on soft skills and what it takes to develop the potential of their own employees. For each dimension of the digital mindset, concrete "hacks" and methods are learned, challenges are pointed out and personal development paths are defined.

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