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What is Recruiting?

Recruiting is an essential part of any successful business, and with the right strategies in place, companies can ensure their staffing needs are met.

At its core, recruiting is about findging qualified individuals, young professionals and experts and inspiring them to join your team

This involves both internal measures, such as employee referrals, and external measures, such as job postings, interviews, and recruitment activities.

The right digital experts are crucial for your future. We will find them for you!

The appropriate hard skills of your employees only form the basis of a recruiting stragtegy; much more important for future viability are the apporpriate soft skills and the digital mindset.

That's why we use our modern diagnostic tool Digital Competence Indicator in recruiting for our clients and use it to analyse the digital mindset of the candidates in a scientifically valid way already during the search process. All with one goal. Finding suitable candidates for your team! 

We find the right digital talents for your vacant positions!

To guarantee you a fast and sustainable search process for vacant positions, we use our networks, talent pools, expertise, modern HR tech tools and digital diagnostic tools in recruiting.

Recruiting Process

How we find the right qualified employees for you


Set Up of the Profile


In a joint discussion with the HR and specialist departments, we get to know the exact requirements of the position being sought. Here, we use our experience to question very precisely in order to fully understand the requirements profile and therefore have the right starting point for recruiting.

Working out the profile

Based on the joint briefing, we develop the search profile and, if necessary, create or refine the job advertisement.

In doing so, we consciously put ourselves in the role of potential candidates (candidate persona) in order to be able to address the right candidates in the search.

Feedback Loop

After developing the search profile and, if necessary, the job advertisement, we hold a feedback loop with the HR and specialist departments. Here we fix these two documents and our starting point for the search.


Candidate search

Active Sourcing

We use various channels to approach potential candidates.

We take into account the experience and background of the candidates in order to ensure the highest possible quality for screening.

Talent Pool

In our talent pool we have a selection of qualified and already screened candidates. Our talent pool is based on "quality over quantity", which makes it possible to target highly qualified candidates for a position in a very short time.


We distribute job postings on various platforms to achieve the greates possbile reach for a position. In doing so, we use industry-specific platforms and novel channels in addition ot the major platforms.


Candidate Screening

Experts interview

In an expert interview with us, we work together with the candidate to determine hether there is a fit for the position in question.

This interview can take place either by phone, Skype or in person.


Since it is not only the hard skills that matter, but also the soft skills, and particular the digital mindset, we analyse this objectively and scientifically valid with the help of the Digital Competence Indicator.


In addition to the impression made during the interview, the analysis of the hard skills and the digital mindset, we take a closer look at the candidate's references. Here we work with Queference, an innovative tool that makes timely and objective references possible.


Candidate selection

Candidates Report

We summarize our findings about the candidate in a candidate report.

This allows the personnel or specialsit department to quickly gain an impression of the candidate.

Presentation candidate

The candidate's report. together with the CV and references, is presented to the HR and/or the technical department.

Appointment coordination

In case of a positive evalutaion of the candidate by the contact person, we support the coordination of an appointment for a first interview of the candidate on site at the department and/ or the HR department.

You want to start into the future and fill your open positions with us?

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What does a recruiting project look in practice?
Our success story will tell you.

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